After the application of color, each figurine undergoes over 20 hours of firing in the kiln at a temperature of 1,300°C. In porcelain pieces, the varnish sprayed over the decoration turns crystalline, and the subtle Lladró hues come to the surface. In Gres figurines, the glazes applied over the body fuse to produce diminutive crystals forming a texturized matte layer over the piece.

At Lladró, the firing kilns act as true "lie detectors". This is the final trial, the trial by fire. There is no turning back. Working with porcelain is difficult because it is practically impossible to detect faults when it is raw; if there are any faults, they only become apparent after the piece has been fired.

The Lladró brothers became pioneers in a technique whose perfection and mastery took them decades of continual research and teamwork: the high-temperature single-firing procedure. This type of firing involves one major hazard: when pieces finally enter the kiln for one single firing, there is only one chance: they either come out in perfect condition or have to be destroyed.

Each figurine is a different world. The first difference is between porcelain pieces and Gres pieces, as the latter require double that of the time needed for porcelain. Cooling time is also slower, to achieve proper crystallisation and a semi-matte finish.

The transformations produced inside the kiln when the heat begins to rise are incredible. The temperature increases slowly until it reaches 1,280°C, which is the vitrification point. In this phase, porcelain becomes completely waterproof, in addition to experiencing a substantial reduction in volume, from 12 to 15%. True Lladró colors come to the surface of the piece. And the metamorphosis is now complete. Another artistic porcelain from Lladró has been born.


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