Lladro Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a LLadro figurine I´m looking for?

You can search in our shop on-line using our search engine. Also you can check the historical Lladro catalog.

When am I going to receive my order?

If the Lladro figurine ordered is in stock, delivery to Europe is 1 to 2 days, 3 to 4 days to the USA and Canada, and 4 to 5 days to the Rest of the World. On the other hand if not in stock, add 2 more days.
Note that these times are estimated, but upon request we may also be able to offer and even more expedited service, please email us for further information about this.

What do I have to do if I receive my LLadro figurine broken?

Montinas follow the strictest of quality controls before shipping any of their products and hence will only accept return of goods that are flawed or imperfect if informed within 72 hours of receipt. The same 3 day period applies for merchandise damaged or lost in shipment, in which case you must contact us via email and we will advise how to proceed to obtain a replacement or reimbursement only if the piece is no longer in production.

How do I order a figurine not shown in your shop or shown but without the BUY NOW! button?

If your figurine is not seen in our shop on-line or there is no BUY NOW! button, you must go to "I want to place an order". Click the BUY NOW! button, CHECK OUT button, fill out the order form with all of your information, and in the comment box enter the information we have sent you by e-mail when you asked us the price of your figurine.

Are you selling retired figurines?

We have a wide selection of Retired Lladro Figurines in our stock, ask for them.

How much will the shipping plus insurance cost?

Free shipping and insurance for orders over $250!
Only $10 for orders up to $100
Only $15 for orders up to $250

What is the difference between active and retired Lladro figurines?

Active items are those that are still currently being produced and hence can readily be obtained through authorized dealers. Retired and discontinued are those that are no longer in production, or that as limited editions are fully subscribed and thus no more pieces are manufactured. Retired pieces generally go up significantly in value, their increase being determined by the demand and other factors such as how many pieces were made and for how long.

We have found on the world wide web a lot of LLadro shops. Are you a real Spanish LLadro Agency?

Of course, we are. LLadro is the only one who can confirm that. If you look in Lladro website in "where to buy" for retailers, Montinas will be listed as one of the official LLadro agents. Here you'll find us searching for city = " MALAGA " you'll find two of our Lladro Stores

Who can repair my LLadro figurine?

We do not repair, but there are restoration artists who can help you. We recommend one of the following LLadro restorers: Universal Fine Art Conservation - Leak Enterprises - Broken Arts Restoration - Keller China Restoration

Are you selling replicas or imitations?

We do not sell any replicas or imitations. We sell only the genuine LLadro received from the main factory located in Valencia Spain. We are an Authorized Lladro Dealer and all our items are NEW & packed in their original boxes.

What is the City of Porcelain?

All Lladro pieces are made at the City of Porcelain, a spectacular complex measuring some 100,000 m2 (1,076,000 sq. ft.) just outside Valencia, Spain. About 2,000 people work there, most of whom are artisans or artists. The complex is comprised of studios, laboratories, warehouses, office buildings, leisure and sports areas.

How can I visit The City of Porcelain?

The visit to the complex where expert artisans make Lladró Figurines is an exclusive privilege for Lladró Privilege members. If you belong to Privilege, e-mail LLadro at customer-services@es.lladro.com telling: - Your membership number that it is stated on your card. - Your full name and the number of the people will be accompanied you.. - The precise date and time that you wish to make the visit.. - The language that you will be speaking... - Your e-mail address... LLadro Customer Service will contact you to confirm the visit.

What is Lladro Privilege?

Lladro Privilege is the way of LLadro of saying "thank you" to the most devoted customers for their enthusiasm and loyalty. LLadro have created a unique world of privileges with the access to a growing new collection of exclusive figurines and privileged services.

My Lladro has a hole in the bottom and rattles. Is it broken?

What you describe is not a defect and is quite common with all fine porcelain. Many pieces have a "breathing hole" in the base to allow steam to escape during the firing process. The process of inserting this hole in the base before firing displaces a tiny piece of porcelain to the inside of the hollow figurine; that tiny porcelain bit hardens with firing, and may cause the distinctive rattle.

What's the best way to clean my Lladro statues?

Cleaning Lladró is not that tricky a business but does requires very delicate work. If it's just dust, we would recommend a hair dryer or a small, soft-bristled artist's brush. If you're removing a spot, try a pencil eraser. If it's just dirt, you might want to spray with a diluted solution alcohol and water. Fill a second bottle with water to spray off the diluted cleaning solution. Greasy dirt and excess glue can be removed with a cotton bud moistened with acetone or nail varnish remover. Please avoid wiping with towels, which can chip flowers and other delicate parts. Please don´t immerse the figurine in water as this will enter through breathing holes and may take several days to dry and release the excess water.

How can you recognize an authentic Lladro porcelain?

Lladro is famous for the creation of porcelain art of the finest quality, following a creation process which is entirely artisan in nature. Only those figurines that pass strict quality controls are stamped with an identifier burnt onto the base of each figurine to guarantee the authenticity of each piece.

Is each Lladro creation unique?

Since each piece is made following manual techniques as indicated by tradition, each piece is unique. Despite coming from the same mold, two pieces are never exactly the same even when made by the same artist.

What are Limited Editions?

Limited Editions are collections of works which are issued in a limited number of copies. These pieces are accompanied by a certificate signed by a member of the Lladró family, accrediting the series number and providing information on the artists taking part in its creation.

Who is going to see all my personal information?

We respect your privacy and value your trust. We guarantee we will never, for any reason,divulge any information you provide to us. This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All information entered by you are accepted through secured server pages and cannot be read by anyone else.

Will you send my figurine with an insurance?

Yes, of course. All our LLadro figurines are sent with an insurance, and it´s FREE for you.

Are you sending my LLadro figurine with the genuine LLadro box?

Of course. The LLadro box is especially designed for sending the figurines all over the world under really hard conditions. The percentage of figurines broken during the trip is really low.

Can I call you by phone?

Yes, call at +34.952381178.

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