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Color is fundamental to Lladró creations. The harmonious combination of innumerable pastel tones, one of the features most admired in Lladró figurines, is only possible thanks to the artistic skills of the people working at Porcelain City and to Lladró's many years of research into technique and esthetics.

At the beginning of the 1960s, an authentic revolution took place in the Lladró studios at Porcelain City. Their porcelain began to acquire its characteristic coloring, due to an important technical innovation - the simultaneous single-firing of the porcelain body together with the colors.

This is how the Lladró brothers achieved the characteristic crystalline finish of their porcelains and the truly delicate coloring which has brought their creations international acclaim. Since that time, the Lladró laboratory has continued to create new combinations to expand its chromatic palette, which now includes over 4,000 different hues. The importance of color is unquestionable. The perfection of a figurine, its expressiveness, strength and charm, are largely determined by the correct application of coloring, the suitability of its color combinations. The artists who dedicate their time to painting figurines rely on years of experience, and they have special creative skills. For such artists, each piece is a blank canvas which will take a new lease on life thanks to their skills and sensitivity.

Porcelain is painted using colorants containing 'color codes', since the raw solution being applied is colorless. These products disappear during firing in the kiln. The high kiln temperatures create a surprising metamorphosis on the surfaces of the figurines, where typical Lladró chromatics reappear in all their glory. Soluble pigments are used for decorating porcelain, which actually dye or tint the porcelain body itself, but Gres uses glazes which are deposited over the surface of the piece like a second layer or color coating.

These innate challenges make the entire process difficult, requiring extraordinary skill on the part of Lladró artists. The subtle, harmonious colors of Lladró are meant to create perfect synergy between the spirit of the piece and the way it will finally look. Color can never conflict with form: it has to highlight it, enrich it. The characteristic chromatic palette created by Lladró dresses fine porcelain figurines in proper attire, making them shine with a light of their own, in multiple pastel shades that always speak the Lladró language.

In the world of artistic porcelain, Lladró colors are simply legendary.


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