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01017378 African Savannah Lithophane

Sculptor Dept. Diseño y Decoración
Porcelain Type Matte
Height (in) 4.331
Width (in) 3.937
Length (in) 3.937

Matte white porcelain lithophany for home decoration with African Savannah engraving, a recreation based on reliefs inspired by the recreation of animal life with matte pattern finish on the surface of translucent porcelain. Includes an electronic led.

The African Savannah lithophany votive depicts the wildlife of the savannah in precisely defined engravings and relief sculpture in translucent porcelain. An adult elephant leads her herd on a long path, symbolizing the relationships among the similar and the different, between adults and youngsters. The design is engraved in a matte finish onto the translucent porcelain surface. Reference 01017378 includes a mains-enabled LED, and reference 01017382 includes a rechargeable LED module. The LED is included in the lithophany (with a sticker on its base in case you want to adhere it to the votive base). An integrated touch dimmer switch regulates the intensity of the light. Once charged, the LED will shine for 4 to 7 hours. It can be charged using a mobile phone charger with a USB jack. Charger not included. It must be fully charged for 4 hours before using for the first time. After this initial charge, remove the cable and run it from the battery, without an external power source. The USB cable is white and 1 metre long. Made in Spain.


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